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Theridion Curassavicum & Neurolgical Hyperesthesia

THERIDION CURASSAVICUM also known as Orange spider. The spider is found in the West Indies, chiefly in the island of Curacao.

It is about the size of a cherry-stone, is found on orange-trees, velvety black when young, with anteroposterior lines composed of white dots, on posterior of body there are three orange-red spots, and on the belly a large square yellow spot. It is very poisonous. It is closely allied to Tarentula Hispanica.

Nervous Hyperesthesia is the most prominent symptoms

Sensitive to light; Luminous vibrations before eyes;

Sensitive to noise; it penetrates the body, especially teeth. Noises seem to strike on painful spots over the body.

Sensitiveness between vertebrae; Sensitive skin in thighs.  Stinging pains. Stinging thrusts everywhere. avoids pressure on spine. Itching sensations.

Mainly Left Sided Medicine

Pain in upper left chest (Myrt; Pix; Anis). Cardiac anxiety and pain. Pain in left floating ribs. Pinching in left pectoral muscle. Phthisis, stitch high up in left apex (Anthrax).Throbbing over left eye. Stinging pain on left side over anterior aspect of spleen.

There is a strong craving for bananas and oranges.

Vertigo, with nausea and vomiting on least motion, particularly when closing eyes (Tabac).

Wants of self confidence

SO, a peculiar feature of Theridion is that she seems to completely “dissolve” her identity into that of her partner – thinking and seeing as her partner does, living completely through the eyes and mind of this other person.

Hence, in the event of her partner leaving her, she feels a tremendous emptiness, and it takes time for her to know her real self again.

As a result the great need for a partner …

Very prominent in the Theridion woman seems to be the need to find a mate, because she feels that if she doesn’t have a mate, she will have to face the danger of the outside world, which is too threatening. So there is a need to be attractive and a lot of hectic activity to find, attract and keep her mate.

Become..Restless; finds pleasure in nothing.


Time passes too quickly.

Theridion has the delusion that his/her head belongs to another.


Good Action on Bones, Teeth, Nerves. Hence cures Rachitis, Caries, Necrosis.

Sea-Sickness, Pregnancy-Sickness; Worse,in on shipboard; riding in carriage;

All Head and Stomach Symptoms Get worse from closing eyes and motion.

Worse, touch; pressure;  closing eyes; jar; noise, coitus; left side.

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