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Tarentula Hispanica & The Hyperactivity Disorder

TARENTULA HISPANICA also known as Spanish spider, wolf spider, hunting spider

The European wolf spider, Lycosa tarentula, said to have caused the historical phenomenon of “Tarantism”-(a psychological illness characterized by an extreme impulse to dance, prevalent in southern Italy from the 15th to the 17th century, and widely believed at the time to be caused by the bite of a Tarantula), is the official medicinal source of the homeopathic remedy Tarentula Hispanica.

Yet, scientific evidence links the spider’s venomous effects with mild necrotic and minor systemic effects that contrast with the proving symptoms of Tarentula hispanica which show a cerebral and neural component.

Tarentula is a Remedy for an Overstimulated Nervous System, Constant Motion, and Rapid Movements.

Hyperactivity & Hypersensitivity in All Spheres

Let’s dive in…

So, Psychologically….

Intense inner restlessness which is only relieved by exertion.

Extreme restlessness; Must constantly busy herself must keep in constant motion even though walking aggravates.

Children need this remedy are often labelled Hyperactive

While Adults will be Highly Industrious or Compulsive Workers

Sensitive to music. Tarantula patients enjoy Loud, Rhythmic music, and will Enthusiastically Dance to it – sometimes to the point of Wildness.

Sudden alteration of mood. Destructive impulses; moral relaxation. Ungrateful, discontented. Guided by whims.

Averse to company, but wants some one present.

Patients are extremely intelligent to the extent of being Foxy and Cunning.

Hispanica patients know how to get the things they want. They are great manipulators Prone to lying and deception.

& Neurologically…

Remarkable nervous phenomena; Chorea, Spinal irritability: Formication;

Multiple sclerosis, with Trembling.

Twitching and Jerking


Weakness and Numbness of legs.  Yawning with uneasiness of legs, must move them constantly, develop Restless Legs Syndrome

Extraordinary contractions and movements.

Hysterical epilepsy

Hysteria with chlorosis

Then Sexually…

Intense sexual excitement. Nymphomaniac Female, lasciviousness reaching almost to insanity

Profuse menstruation, with frequent erotic spasms.

Pruritus vulvae  

Dysmenorrhoea, with very sensitive ovaries.

Seminal emissions in males.


Violent pains, neuralgias, as if thousands of needles were pricking

Intense headache, Wants hair brushed or head rubbed

Bad Effect of….

Ill effects of Unrequited love

But the strong desire to attract the attention of another especially from the opposite sex may be responsible for these Loudness of behaviour , Hysteric attitudes & Mischievousness.

All symptoms…

Worse in motion, contract, noise.

Better, in open air, music, bright colors, rubbing affected parts.

The extreme restlessness of the limbs is like Arsenic album, and it is a deep acting medicine like Ars., and it sometimes has cured where Ars. has failed, although it seemed well selected.”- J.T.Kent

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