You are currently viewing MP of Rajya sabha as well as Lok sabha now raising voice for HOMOEOPATHY

MP of Rajya sabha as well as Lok sabha now raising voice for HOMOEOPATHY

Hope the time has come to shout for Homoeopathy!! In this Covid pandemic ,when modern medicine is humbling for remedy,HOMOEOPATHY as well as the whole AYUSH system are waiting for Government approval. Not only as the IMMUNITY BOOSTER .Not only as the part of POST COVID TREATMENT PROTOCOL.Homoeopathy should be used as integrated part of treatment of COVID along with Modern Medicine.

Homoeopathy should be used in universally, along with Modern Medicine.Government should promote it,not as any distinct instances like GUJRAT or KERALA for preventing,Govt should include the human resources of AYUSH system,even the AYUSH hospitals for treatment of COVID,either solely or integratedly. AYUSH Telemedicine centres may be started like Modern medicine. Homoeopathic research against Covid should be funded and encouraged more.

From the beginning of the pandemic,Homoeopathic as well as all AYUSH system practitioners expanding their hands to fight against it along with the Allopathic system;but due to any myterious cause Govt yet to start it. In very recent past, National Commission for Homoeopathy Bill passed..MP Pradip Bhattachariya &Dr.Arvind Sawant raised voices in parliament for Homoeopathy in this Covid Issues..

Congress Rajya Sabha MP SHRI PRADIP BHATTACHARYA speaks on  efficacy of Homoeopathy in COVID-19-

Dr Arvind Sawant,MP Speaks on HOMOEOPATHY & its need in this Pandemic situation…..


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