You are currently viewing Ministry of Ayush Publish : Information for Homoeopathy Practitioners for Symptomatic Management of Suspected and Diagnosed cases of Mucormycosis

Ministry of Ayush Publish : Information for Homoeopathy Practitioners for Symptomatic Management of Suspected and Diagnosed cases of Mucormycosis

Information for Homoeopathy Practitioners for Symptomatic Management of Suspected and Diagnosed cases of Mucormycosis


The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it not only the detrimental effect
due to the disease itself but also has brought together with it add on infections following a
blow to the immune system of an individual convalescing with the disease.

An emerging threat of fungal infections has been noticed recently in immune-compromised patients and following immune suppressants drugs which were earlier found in rare cases. With the
patients already left immune-compromised with the conventional treatment effective
measures are being explored in the complementary and alternative interventions either
standalone or add on to the standard care.

India being a tropical country has favourable temperature and humidity for growth of fungal
infections. Several types of fungal infections have already been effectively treated by
Homoeopathy clinicians time and now.

With the increasing cases of special variety of fungal infection, Mucormycosis (black fungus) the present information have been prepared with experience of senior clinicians in treating specific fungal infections and researchers of the system, for efficient treatment of suspected and diagnosed cases of Mucormycosis with Homoeopathy. This condition requires hospital based treatment under supervision and Homoeopathic medicines can be prescribed in an integrated manner. Since mostly immune compromised patients get this infection, strict monitoring of blood sugar and other vitals is required.

General Disclaimer

• Patients need to have a general consultation from a qualified physician before starting any
• In all moderate/severe cases, immediate referral to a higher medical centre as per the
Government guidelines is advised.
• Patients with co-morbidities like hypertension, diabetes etc., are advised to continue their
respective medications and continue taking consultation from their family physicians.
• Physicians are required to prescribe medicines, potencies and dosage as per
Homoeopathic principles.

Recommendation of Prophylactic measures For Healthy Population

COVID appropriate behavior and general protective measures advised by health authorities
such as social distancing, using appropriate mask properly, hand washing and sanitization,

vaccination etc. for Covid-19 must be advised. Patients should be advised to follow the
advisory issued by ICMR on preventive dos and don’ts for mucormycosis (1-3)

Information for Management of Suspected and Diagnosed cases of Mucormycosis.

The common clinical features observed in Mucormycosis cases include Pain and redness
around eyes and/or nose, Fever, Headache, Coughing, Shortness of breath, Bloody vomits,
altered mental status.
Care giver and physicians should be watchful for Patients recovered from Covid-19 specially

post hospitalized cases, prolonged ICU stay for Covid 19 or any other illness, with co-
morbidities, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, prolonged use of immune-suppressants like steroids.

Considering this possibility, the patient(s) should observe evolving symptoms or
signs but this watchfulness should not lead to undue anxiety.

Homoeopathy management-

As a system with holistic approach, homoeopathy medicines may be selected based on the
presenting signs and symptoms of each patient(4).Fungal infections are amenable to
homoeopathic treatment. Various research studies undertaken on various fungi in-vitro
model showed that homoeopathy medicine could prevent the growth of the fungus(5-8).
Clinical studies have shown encouraging results on fungal infections (9-10). The medicines
given here are suggestive based on their clinical use.

Symptomatic Homoeopathy management of Suspected and Diagnosed cases of Mucormycosis-






Note: -Apart from these lists of medicines any other medicine and any other potency may be
prescribed based on the symptom similarity in each case.

General Information-

1. Monitor the sick person’s symptoms regularly.

2. Ensure the sick person takes adequate rest and sleep and stays hydrated.

3. Limit the patient’s movement around the house and minimize shared space. Ensure that
the house, particularly shared spaces (e.g. kitchen, bathroom) are well ventilated and damp
proof, with proper sunlight.

4. Maintain personal hygiene and use separate mask for each day.

Dietary Information-

1. Food should be freshly prepared, and easily digestible. Avoid processed foods.

2. Avoid excessive intake of fats, oils, sugar and salt.


1. Advisory from Ministry of AYUSH for meeting the challenge arising out of spread of corona
virus (COVID-19) in India; available at https://wwwayush.govin/docs/25.pdf.

2. Home care for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and management of their contacts; available at

3. Evidence Based Advisory in the Time of COVID-19 (Screening, Diagnosis & Management of
Mucormycosis)-ICMR; available at 5.

4. Guidelines for Homoeopathic practitioners for COVID-19; available at

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List of Practitioners and Contributors involved in preparing this Information-

1. Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Gupta Chairman Scientific Advisory Board, CCRH

2. Dr. N. Radha Former Advisor(Homoeopathy) and Member Scientific,Advisory Board, CCRH

3. Dr. M.P. Arya Member Scientific Advisory Board, CCRH

4. Dr. K.M. Dhawale ML Dhawale Trust, Mumbai and Member Scientific Advisory Board, CCRH

5. Dr. Alok Pareek President, LMHI and Member Scientific Advisory Board,CCRH

6. Dr. Nandini Sharma Member Scientific Advisory Board, CCRH

7. Dr. Ashvini Kumar Dwivedi Member Scientific Advisory Board, CCRH

8. Prof. (Dr.) Kanjaksha Ghosh Member Scientific Advisory Board, CCRH

9. Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya Former Director, National Institute of Homoeopathy

10. Dr. N. Mohanty Former Principal, AC Homoeopathic Medical College,Bhubaneswar

11. Dr. L.K.Nanda Former Principal, AC Homoeopathic Medical College,Bhubaneswar

12. Dr. Girish Gupta MD (Hom), PhD,Chief Consultant,Gaurang Clinic & Centre for Homoeopathic,Research,Lucknow

13. Dr. Sangeeta Duggal Advisor, Homoeopathy, Ministry of Ayush

14. Dr. Anil Khurana Director General, CCRH

15. Dr. Subhas Singh Director,National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata

16. Dr. S.R.Chinta Deputy Advisor, Homoeopathy, Drug Policy Section ,Ministry of Ayush

17. Dr. Rachna Paliwal Assistant Advisor, Homoeopathy, Drug Policy Section,Ministry of Ayush

18. Dr. Bindu Sharma Assistant Director, Homoeopathy, CCRH

19. Dr. Praveen Oberai Assistant Director, Homoeopathy, CCRH

20. Prof. Dr.S.Praveen Kumar Former Principal, JSPSGHMC, Hyderabad

21. Prof Dr.Ch. Srinivas Reddy Professor, JSPSGHMC, Hyderabad

Official Website-

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