You are currently viewing India’s First COVID 19 NOSODE developed, need Government support to explore more

India’s First COVID 19 NOSODE developed, need Government support to explore more

A team headed by Dr. Rajesh Shah,director of LIFE FORCE HOMOEOPATHY recently worked with collaboration of HAFFKIN INSTITUTE (Mumbai),to develop the India’s first CORONA VIRUS NOSODE.

The team started working since March 2020,&taken time to complete the work by end of May 2020.

All the standard protocols and safety measures were used in process.Safety trials and the related experiments are already been underprocess. Clinical trials will be as per ICMR guidelines.

Haffkin Institute is a famous Govt.organisation,who worked since last 125 years in vaccine research like Plague,BCG etc.

Covid19 Nosode probably going to be the first one,as no other work published yet,maintaining the guideline & safety measures.


Government need to support for research of this COVID 19 nosode. It would be only possible to reach the nosode to all the community with active government support and facilitation.

“Corona Nosode needs to be explored for its potential efficacy as preventive and treatment modality. Just like any vaccine, on further experiments and experience will help us conclude its actual potential” Dr. Shah said.
He also stated that “We need Fast Track support from the Government in Covid19 Nosode research. We also require guidelines specific for new drug discovery in Homeopathy, and should not be imposed the conventional medicine guidelines for homeopathic drugs.
The Nosode will be able to reach out to the masses only if there is active government support and facilitation.
Personally, I see a huge potential in the COVID19 Nosode and its exploration.
My sincere thanks to team Haffkine as well as the scientists, virologists, microbiologists, immunologists, pharmacologists, vaccine scientists, physicians, etc. involved and contributed in this landmark development.
Another development in this space is also underway at Gujarat University. I’ll share the information at a suitable time.”

Source:   LOKMAT news paper 18/08/2020
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