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Thyroid hormone,as we know is mainly connected with the growth of the all elements of organism, i.e. physical, mental &physiological.Though in modern medicine its used in crude form to treat the case of cretinism, myxedema, it produces toxic symptoms as nervous,circulatory,metabolic disorder.

But as a potentized form,Thyroidinum the remedy is very effective when the symptoms have a background with metabolic disturbances and neurogenic & cardiovascular disbalance.

So during prescribing Thyroidinum ,attention to be paid to this basic condition in the background,where want of metabolic,nervous,or vascular adjustment are present.

Two extremes may be there…


Very chilly or very hot patient

Very obese with puffy face or thin built persons with or without prominent eyes


Child is dwarfed,idiot,stunted(physically as well as mentally).


Intrauterine turmoils….

Thyroidinum has great action in different phase of life including the intrauterine life,when there is any metabolic disorder or any hypo or hyper function of any glands present behind.


Thyroidinum is one of the best medicine for new born babies,where mother was suffering from PIH(Pregnancy Induced Hypertension/Eclampsia),Hyperemesis Gravidorum(vomitting during pregnancy).

Childhood Difficulties…..

When there is convulsion without trauma during delivery or without any fever;even  convulsion during  dentitional period without fever.


In case of Neonetal Jaundice with vomiting there is a very good scope it,Even in severe cases it has better action than Natrum Sulph, China etc.


During dentitional diarrhoea of malnourished children with puffiness of face & leg it works almost instantly.Also as the

complementary after Calc.Phos. Throidinum works very good with Kreosote for tooth eruption .

History of undescended testis.

Adolescence Disturbances…

During adolescence,both boys & girls,when suffers from nervous disturbances,mental irritability,whimsical mood,various chronic diseases like headache,vertigo,flushing of head;we should think of Thyroidinum in higher potencies.

Abnormal hair growth ,

Gynaecomastia ,it has very good sphere of action.

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Gynaecological abnormalities….

Thyroidinum has a wide range of action on the Menstrual abnormality.when other complains aggravated during period,persistent type of menstrual irregularities,when indicated medicine fails to respond Thyroidinum works best.

Higher potency works best to regulate the excessive &prolonged menstrual flow.Whereas lower potencies  not above 3x(trituration)act best in amenorrhoea.

It works good in dysmenorrhoea also.

Pregnancy & After that…..

Like the every other  phase of life,Thyroidinum has a great role on Pregnancy,its complication, puerperium even in menopause.

We should always keep in mind in case of Hyperemesis gravidorum,the excessive vomitting,it works excellent like Lac Defloratum200.When there is a history of repeated abortion on 3rd month ,we should think of it.

It also control the oozing of threatened abotion.

Repeated premature delivery also indicate Thyroidinum. .

Thyroidinum also works great after delivery,when involution of uterus does not take place properly.

It is highly indicated when irregular bleeding,quantity may be profuse or small ,but lingering unduly long,which hamper the breast milk secretion. Thyroidinum brings back the tone of uterus and keep the proper order of lactation.

& ofcourse the Allergies……

Thyroidinum also covers the Allergic manifestations.Any kind of allergic rhinitis causing excessive sneezing with edema of

nasal mucous membrane(Hypertrophy of inferior nasal turbinate) , mainly during change of weather;,

Allergic skin eruption,urticaria.It is one of the best medicine for Dyspnoea,mostly of allergic asthma where no inflamation of bronchi takes place. Dyspnoea without fever.

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Other Strikings….

It shows great weakness and hunger


Intense desire of sweet and cold.


Very methodical and Systematic patient.


Warm & moist palm.



Thyroidinum shows a combined picture of Calcarea carb, Natrum mur, Sepia and Sulphur with Multimiasmatic base but sycotic predominance.

But very neglected medicine in Homoeopathy.

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