You are currently viewing Gall stone – No other way without SURGERY ?? No scope of medicine??…Have to see this case treating by Dr. Anirban Dutta, BHMS, Medical Officer(AYUSH), Govt. of WB

Gall stone – No other way without SURGERY ?? No scope of medicine??…Have to see this case treating by Dr. Anirban Dutta, BHMS, Medical Officer(AYUSH), Govt. of WB

The conventional thinking is, if there is a Gall Stone it must be removed by surgery.

Really?? then see this case..

A female patient, 24 years , suffering from indigestion with mild abdominal pain in umbilical region since few months and start to taking some allopathic medicine for her suffering but in vain ,there is no even relief.

So by the time she attend a doctor & advised to do an USG report as she also had a mild pain in umbilical region in abdomen.

After doing the report , A calculus(stone) of 1.13cm in gallbladder is revealed.

Obviously, she was advised to prepare for surgery.

But her parents took a decision to take a second opinion from a homoeopathy physician.

After seeing the situation, the doctor assure them and took the case.

After taking the acute picture of the case, doctor prescribe her on 17.04.2019-

1.CARBO VEG 30 BD for 15 days

2.CHELIDONIUM MAJUS MOTHER TINCTURE 15 to 20 drops BD for 1 month

On 23.05.2019 patient came with relief to some extent , doctor prescribed as-



On 11.06.2019 patient come with much relief of her complaints but developed constipation. For that-

Y- LAX (BAKSON)- 2tabs OD at bedtime given

Other medicines continue as before

On 19.08.2019 patient came with much relief of all her complaints then the doctor took a through case taking and medicine of choice was given as-

NATRUM SULPH -200 OD 3dose

Y-LAX & MENTHA advised to taken if requried as SOS.

On next follow up on 17.10.2019 prescripton was- NATRUM SULPH 1M 2dose OD & Patient was advised to do a repeat USG report to know the inner pathology.

On 05.11.2019 patient get the report and the size of  Gall stone is reduced to 0.87 cm. Report is here-


0n 11.11.2019 patient complaining of mild pain in umbilical region, which is relief by bending backward. Doctor seeing the symptoms prescribed- Dioscorea 30 BD for 7 days and advice to take Y-LAX 1 tab instead of 2 in SoS.

She get relief within 2 days.

ON 03.01.2020 patient came with relief of all her complaints & Doctor now start-


MENTHA PIPERITA withdraw and advice to take ABIS NIGRA MOTHER for acidity(in sos)

On 03.03.2020 patient came with all the symptoms relief & doctor prescribed as-

PTELEA TRIFOLIATA 6 BD for 15 days & ABIS NIGRA advice to take regular basis after dinner.

Y-LAX withdraw & patient is adviced to again USG, & here is the report-

Stone reduced to 0.69 cm-


40% reduction only by medicine , yes by Homoeopathy

On 29.04.2020 patient came with much improved condition and adviced as-

PTELEA 30 BD for 15 days

Recently,On 14.08.2020 patient came with no symptoms & adviced as-

NATRUM SULPH 10M 1 dose.

Further update of the case is available here.

The case is treating by Dr. Anirban Dutta, B.H.M.S , Medical Officer (Dept. of AYUSH) in Memari Hospital, Govt. of West bengal

Doctor’s Contact details-


Mobile no.- 9433201753

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