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Eel Serum or Serum Anguillae – The Homoeopathic Diuretics??

Eel Serum or Serum Anguillae is known in different names like;Freshwater Eel Serum, Ichthyotoxinum, Serum Anguillar Ichthyotoxin, Aalserum, Anguilla anguilla.This drug is prepared from the serum of the eel fish.

The Serum of Eel fish have some TOXIC EFFECTS:

  • Rapid destruction of globules .
  • increase amount of Albumin, renal elements in urine
  • haemoglobinuria
  • Prolonged anuria even upto 24 hrs-26 hrs
  • Heart&Liver

But the actual remedy does not contain the original drug substance in its material form ,The substance undergoes a process called potentization whereby its latent curative powers are brought to the surface.

Thus we get the Therapeutic Indications of EEL SERUM:

Primarily the KIDNEY:

Acute effect from infection or cold  or any intoxication.Also in subacute nephritis.

Characteristic Symptoms are OLIGURIA/ANURIA and ALBUMINURIA.

But the peculiarity is- Oliguria without OEDEMA

It acts as a Diuretics,increases urinary output and rapidly arrests albuminuria.

It is almost specific in Acute nephritis with threatening uraemia.

Secondarily  the HEART &LIVER:

Hypertension with Oliguria but without OEDEMA.We should differentiate with Digitalis,where the triology is arterial hypertension,oliguria and OEDEMA.

Functional Heart disease like Mitral insufficiency, Asystolia with or without oedema, dyspnea and difficult urinary secretion.

Also works very good in Liver disease with the same indication.

But Eel Serum is more effective in Cardiac Uraemia than Asystolia.

Threre is  a great analogy exists between Eel serum and the venom of the Vipera.

During potency selection it should remember ,Eel serum works in lower potencies in Cardiac diseases whereas high potencies are used in Acute Renal disease.

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