COVID-19 & Random unsuccessful or partially successful applications of Antivirals, Immunomodulators, Plasmatherapy actually open up the great limitations of Specific Protocolised (Copy & Paste) treatment procedures. It also create a hindrance to Vaccination part by forceful pathogenic mutation. There is nobody to protest these, nobody to say ” Continuous administration of Remdesivir, Flavipiravir, HCQ are actually compel the pathogen to mutate of its enzymatic components, which create a great failure in preparing the vaccine of the same, not only that it makes also hindrance of making Host-Pathogen relationship, which is main components of developing Herd Immunity “.

Whole world are running behind such a pathogen, which is highly adaptable in nature. Respect to all ongoing curative & prophylactic approaches, all the forward movement, bulls eyeing the viral molecular structure are going in vain due to its high mutatic nature. Rather we force the the pathogen to again rapid mutation, by continuous trial of different antiviral & other methods.

This article is on the strategic therapeutic & prophylactic approach, which hit the pathogen from reverse way, using individual immunity power & obviously using HOMOEOPATHY.

What is the cause of different types of symtomatology(typical & atypical) in infectious diseases?

Host immunoresponse against a particular virus vary person to person. This is because there are present of

  • Plenty probable immunoresponses types &
  • Multiple different genetic approach in HUMAN RACE.

As a result we can see-


  • Asymptomatic cases,
  • Mild to moderate symptomatic cases with different groups of  symptoms, side by side major
  • Cytokine storm.

Every immunoresponse types represent with cluster of symptoms.

If a system of medicine works on these clusters of symptoms from centuries that is HOMOEOPATHY.

  Virus(Antigen)   ⇒   a type of immunoresponse   ⇒  express a cluster of symptoms(IR-A)

How Homoeopathy medicine works? First of all you have to know What is Drug Proving in Homoeopathy?

“Drug Proving also termed as Homoeopathic Pathogenetic Trial (HPT) is a process in which drug substances are put into trial on healthy human volunteers and their pathogenetic effects are observed, noted and compiled as the first step to introduce the drug in the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Proving of a drug substance is a unique process in Homoeopathy. Unlike conventional medicine where animal experimentation forms the basis of evaluation of drug pathogenesis, homoeopathic medicines are proved on healthy human volunteers, including controls, from both sexes and age group between 18-60 years. The Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy since its inception in 1978 has adopted the Drug Proving Research Program as one of its primary research areas where Council has focused on proving of indigenous drugs and fragmentarily proved drugs.” -CCRH ,INDIA

The details of Drug Proving methods is discussed in another articles. Here we discuss about what happend in human immunosystem during the proving?

As said above during proving of Homoeopathy medicine it’s done on healthy individual. Multiple time introduction of drugs on a healthy(i.e- Absence of  any immunoresponse / symptoms &signs) person, immunosystem give Response(Positive feedback action) by producing some group of symptoms & signs.

What is the cause of this immunoresponse?

As the drugs has only molecular imprint or nanoparticles (No/nano mass effect) of some metals, plant or animal substance , immunosystem has no need to produce any cytotoxic T-Cells, but produce specific types of cytokines to combat the foreign imprints. As a results symptoms are arise.

Cytokines activates macrophaging activity & T-Helper cells, which triggers B-cells & Humoral immunity. Discontinuing of the drugs, with  production of humoral immunoresponse & negative feedback from cytotoxic T-cell(Non production effect) & Macrophge ( No action effect) gradually disappearing the symptoms. These symptoms are become the picture of the drug, as well as the picture of the particular module of immunoresponse.



During treatment of infective disease by homoeopathic medicine, the Drug of Choice is selected which has simillar picture(IR-D) with immunoresponse of the antigen(IR-A).

When the medicine introduce in a infected person, already have immunoresponse of similar type, two methods are initiate in immunosystem simultaneously-

A.  NEGATIVE FEEDBACK(DOWN) REGULATION OF  IMMUNORESPONSES– As the medicine introduce having only molecular imprint or nano particles , T-cell produce cytokines but can not get the positive feedback signal to produce cytotoxic T-cells & initiation of Macrophaging activity. Combine effect of these three,

·         Presence of similar groups of cytokines,

·         Negative signal from non production of cytotoxic T-cell &

·         Deactivated Macrophaging system

Produce A storong Negative feedback down regulation (control by immunoregulatory cytokines such as IL-10 & TGF-B)  on present  immunoresponses.

B. TRIGGERING OF HUMORAL IMMUNITY BY T-HELPER CELL– Presence of similar cytokines ,unused in cellular immunity (skipping effect) accelerate the immediate Augmentation of activation of B-CELL & PLASMA CELL to produce specific ANTIBODY(IgM) against the pathogen.
In mild to moderate cases, the down regulation helps the patient to get rid from symptoms.

In case of cytokine storm, this becomes a life saving mechanism.

The main thing is that if initiation of treatment can do earlier every cases can be arrest before the ARDS/ CYTOKINE STORM (THE FATAL PART) developed & the mortality rate will be significantly reduced . Otherside, initiation of specific humoral immunity neutralised the pathogen and patient become cure.
So, whatever the viral mutation & whatever the permutation & combinations of our immunity-cascade, when there are presence of such agents having proved pictures, can easily correlate with any module of antigenic immunoresponses without bias.


So, What is the Role of Homoeopathy Medicine in COVID-19?


In case of COVID-19 also , as the homoeopathy medicines are neither ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC, nor IMMUNOMATERIALS-SPECIFIC, [Read Limitation of ongoing treatment procedures in COVID-19] getting pictures of immunoresponses (symptoms) of any COVID positive patient we can select the drug of choice of that person.

If there are same symptomatology/immunorespone (usually occur in epidemics & pandemics) in a group or in a community obviously same medicine can select.

Getting all permutations a pandemic immunoresponse may not select a particular medicine for community but a group of medicines are indicated by observing many cases.

As coronavirus produce very common symptoms(Fever,Tiredness,Dry Cough) of influenza with or without some other  uncommon symptoms(Aches &Pains, Nasal Congestion, Runny Nose, Sore Throat,Diarrhoea, Anosmia), the common medicines of homoeopathy using in ILI also come in role.

  •   RHUSTOX,
  •  BRYONIA ALBUM are playing the key role with obvious symptoms similarity.

Two more medicines are coming in important role. Among the all important Minerals IRON & ZINC playing a major role in immunity. These minerals are incorporated into metalloproteins and metalloenzymes used for critical biological processes, such as oxygen transport, cell growth and differentiation, and protection against oxidative stress. During infection, increased ferritin levels represent an important host defense mechanism that deprives bacterial growth and protects immune cell function. It may also be protective, limiting the production of free radicals and mediating immunomodulation, as ferritin induction play a protective negative regulatory loop. Also increasing the intracellular Zinc concentration impair the replication of RNA viruses.

Observing these ,medicines prepare from this group (IRON)are also playing a good additive role to overcome the threat. Medicine prepare from iron group which have ILI similar immunoresponse( drugpicture) play a major role with initiation of combined negative feedbak mechanism- 1. Similar immunoresponse(Discuss earlier) & 2. Inducing more iron filled environment in Hyperferritinaemia. So, FERRUM PHOS become a importent medicine to keep out cytokine storm.

Simillarly medicine prepare from Zinc group,having ILI similar immunoresponse also play a major role. Aditionally when there is presence of symptom of Anosmia, choice of medicine should be done having this type of symptoms as zinc has a major role in post viral anosmia recovery naturally. So, on that point ZINCUM MUR is another importent medicine.


There are dozens of homoeopathy medicines having symptoms similarity with growing number of cases. But, the asymptomatic cases & for prophylactic concern HOMOEOPATHY is too effective , as follows-

As stated above, after observing of several cases of an epidemic/pandemic disease & analysing the symptomatology, a common clinical picture emerges (say,IR-Ae). The medicine having the simillar picture (say, IR-De) is become the preventive of that epidemic. This medicine is termed as Genus Epidemicus in Homoeopathy.


In human body after introduction of the medicine (having IR-De) with proper repetition & dose, T-CELLs are activated, and produce SPECIFIC CYTOKINES (which is the cause of producing IR-Ae in maximum infected patients). But due to its  controlled dose & repetition, production of it is also minimum, side by side as there is no virus present(in non infected case),no cytotoxic T-CELL are formed & recruited MACROPHAGES(by cytokines from T-CELLS) are deactivated .So the production of cytokines also balanced by Combined negative regularitatory loops( Presence of unused   cytokines + Non production of Cytotoxic T-cells + Deactivated Macrophaging system ). Now the balanced cytokines ,having no other work than to perform accelerate the immediate augmentation of activation of B-CELLS & PLASMA CELLS by the help of T-HELPER CELLS .The PLASMA CELLS then produce specific ANTIBODY(IgM) which protect the human body from invasion of the pathogen. In case of asymptomatic cases, the virus is in latent phase & by the same mechanism specific ANTIBODY (IgM) develop which neutralise the pathogen.

Yes in this epidemic of COVID-19, the medicine announced by The Ministry Of AYUSH is ARSENICUM ALBUM 30- WHY?

  • ARSENICUM ALBUM have the similar picture(IR-D,ARS ALB) of  symptomatology of COVID-19 (IR-A,COVID-19).
  • There are also have research data-“ Arsenic album as one of the constituents in a formulation has been shown to affect HT29 cells and human macrophages. Also, it showed ↓NF-κB hyperactivity (reduced expression of reporter gene GFP in transfect HT29 cells), ↓TNF-α release in macrophages”.
  • Arsenicum album is very common prescription in cases of respiratory infection & ILI in day to day practice.

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Initiative should be taken to prepare DILUTED SOLUTIONS of CORONA VIRUS (SARS-CoV-2) from biological products(of all available strains regarding countries)[may named as COVIDNUM/CORONA] compounded following homeopathic procedures. The ultra diluted virus solution was prepared in the homeopathic dilution 200C. As the ultradiluted solution having no pathogens in live or dead form, even no antigenic part rather having molecular imprint of the same, it is very safe for use without fear of infection.


In human body after introduction of the solution(said CORONA 200 /COVIDNUM 200) T-CELLs are activated, and produce MORE SPECIFIC CYTOKINES, but due to its molecular imprint no cytotoxic T-CELL are formed & recruited MACROPHAGES(by cytokines from T-CELLS) are deactivated .So the production of cytokines also balanced by Combined negative regularitatory loops( Presence of unused same groups of cytokines + Non production of Cytotoxic T-cells + Deactivated Macrophaging system ). Now the balanced cytokines ,having no other work than to perform accelerate the immediate augmentation of activation of B-CELLS & PLASMA CELLS by the help of T-HELPER CELLS.The PLASMA CELLS then produce specific ANTIBODY(IgM) which neutralised the pathogens. Also the production of SPECIFIC MEMORY CELLS ( by TH CELLS & ACTIVATED B-CELLS) starting the production of long term immunity by IgG ANTIBODIES.

By this procedure we can handle all groups-

firstly NON INFECTED GROUP(as a PROPHYLAXIS), ASYMPTOMATIC GROUP( curing those arrest the  maximum spreading), & also in MILD TO MODERATE GROUP ( to hasten the curative process & skipping the fatal part of cytokine storm). By this procedure we have not to search CONVOLASCENT PLASMA( as we can rather produce the INDIVIDUAL SPECIFIC IMMUNOGLOBULINS naturally),can avoids  any VACCINATION TRIAL FALIURE & HAZARDS( as this form is most safe ,Stable-strain failure proof, produce short term & long term immunity), By these multiple effectivity Human race also have the scope to develop the HERD IMMUNITY.

Those people who are continue shouting that there are at first need a clinical trial of homoeopathy medicine in COVID-19, actually they can not perceive the evolution of this system. This system is on the base of continuous human trials & observation of minute changes of array of symptomatology.

COVID-19 actually made a revolution in conventional treatment approach.

ANTIBIOTICS for bacterial infections , ANTIVIRALS for  viral infections , actually inviting an “NEW ERA of WILD-TYPE VIRUSES” where the known pathogens behave like a unknown lethal one.

Due to the lack of proofreading in RNA-dependent RNA polymerases, RNA viruses have extraordinarily high rates of mutation. The average RNA virus genome experiences one mutation per ten thousand nucleotides per replication, a rate of mutation almost a million times faster than the average bacterial genome. Additionally RNA genomes tend to be very small, 10 kilobases (kb) or less , and thus on average RNA genomes accumulate approximately one mutation per genome per replication. The rate of mutation in RNA genomes is so high that RNA viruses may exist as a quasispecies, a swarm of related genetic variants whose interactions determine attributes of the population.

Fortunately the rate of mutation of bacterias is not so rapid, if it not the havoc use of Antibiotics (mainly the country like India) necessarily or unnecessarily put the genome in wild type very earlier.

But the truth is that in viral infections using of antiviral drugs, typically targeting mechanisms of viral replication, if is not as effective and some genomes replicate, selective pressure may result in rapid adaptation toward resistance. This is exacerbated by the large population sizes and high rates of mutation characterizing many viruses: if resistance-conferring polymorphisms do not already exist in the population at the onset of treatment, they will likely arise soon thereafter. It is not possible by one particular antiviral to combat with all the strains affecting throughout the world. So, worldwide implementation of the Highlighted Antiviral gift us a bunch of mutated strains in near future which are become more resistance to next upcoming antivirals, a vicious cycle , the ultimatum of which is production of a wild type of virus strain by evolution & failure of inventing of vaccination, as it can be done on a stable strain of pathogen. Remember, Virus has to give FITNESS COST(loss of some mutated variety, can not survive in present environment), but the selected strain become more resistant to that particular environment.

No pathogen does not  create harm too much to its host that it will be critical for its own survival. A  mutual cohabitation develop by the time,a Host-Pathogen relationship. The Herd immunity is one of its result.

Neither we should wait for developing of Herd immunity by expense of many lives in India like high populated country, but we also should not to force the pathogen to mutate by continuous challenging its existence with a weapon of partial efficacy.

We should approach every symptomatic cases with immediate reliving of symptoms & arrest the further development to critical conditions.

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