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Can COVID spread from Hair!!!

In this Covid situation,just think you are travelling in public transport,or you are in queue of a depaertmental store,or inside an elevator,someone coughs behind you;what would happen in your mind?you will be worried that back of your head is covered with Corona virus particles.After returning home you have to also shampoo your hair instead of just washing your hands.

But can the COVID-19 virus spread by just sticking on someone’s hair?can COVID-19 live on hair?

Experts say it’s unusual.Any virus – including SARS-CoV-2 – can cling to human hair. But only being deposited on the hair does not mean the virus can make you sick. The corona virus weakens pretty quickly once it’s outside the body. Even ,if the virus is  present on a surface like your hair,it would not be strong enough to make you sick if you transfer it into your body.It’s technically possible but not probable that you’ll pick up the virus from your hair because your hair – whether on the face or the head – regularly receives a coating of oil from the skin or scalp to protect it. This slippery coating not only makes it difficult for germs to stick to strands of hair, but it also has an antimicrobial effect that may cause the germs to die more quickly.

But unfortunately! if you have an habit to chew on the ends of your hair, then maybe you could get sick from picking up the virus on your hair. So, don’t chew your hair.

So, in general, you shouldn’t feel too concerned about picking up the corona virus from your hair. But if you are unnecessarily worried, then you can shampoo or shower when you returned back from outside.Or you may cover your head with scarf or cloth cap,disposable cap etc, wnen you go out.

To stop this virus from spreading, it’s more effective to focus your attention on wearing a mask every time you go out and avoiding close contact with anyone outside your household. Stay at least six feet away (and farther is better) from other people when you’re out. And, yes, keep washing your hands frequently – but don’t worry about shampooing every time you return home from outside.

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