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AYUSH holds 61% of total Registered clinical trials regarding Covid19

The AYUSH system of India got a breakthrough during this Covid19 pandemic.During the prevailing day of Covid 19 Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a call to take  more scientific approach of AYUSH System of medicine .

Clinical trial were started after that, with probable AYUSH medicines by different organisation and AYUSH hospitals,in different part of country.

It is noted that approx 203 Clinical Trials have been registered regarding Covid 19 in CLINICAL TRIAL REGISTRY till date.

Among which 125 trials registered by AYUSH department.That means 61.5%contributed from AYUSH,whereas rest is from Allopathic Fraternities.

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Recently AIIMS Jodhpur declared this data regarding clinical trial.Even they demanded encouragement of more research and trials on AYURVEDA,YOGA,UNANI,SIDDHA &HOMOEOPATHY.This positive result will enrich the bonding between AYUSH system and MODERN MEDICINE .This will open the  scope of working conjointly.

Trial of Homoeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album is already been started along with other Ayurvedic and Unani drugs.But most of the trials are in 2nd or 3rd stage,have to wait for few months for Final result.

Do you know? 99.6% of 3.48 crore people test COVID-19 Negative in GUJRAT by Govt distributed Arsenicum Album-30 & ‘AYUSH Prophylaxis’ which is half of state’s population in five months

Among the AYUSH system ,maximum trials (69.6%)are from Ayurveda,HOMOEOPATHY  contribute 12%.Siddha is on 11.2%.

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