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Arnica Montana-The Most Used OVER THE COUNTER Remedy

ARNICA MONTANA,the most used over the counter remedy.

It is the most used medicine of INJURY.Not only the Homoeopathic physicians,common man’s medicine of injury.

So, how the Arnica is?Is it only for injury? Let’s see..

The ‘Arnica injury’ is….

Mechanical injury,very recent,from fall,from blunt instruments

BLUISH discolouration of skin.


Compound fractures with profuse suppuration

Concussion and contusion from injury , with laceration of soft part

Conjunctival or retinal haemarrhage,from injury or cough with extra vassation of blood.

As a Result…..

after mechanical  or traumatic injury of brain- if Meningitis devoloped

After labour-if Retention or Incontinence of urine.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST any kind of mechanical injuries occured years ago.

How Arnica acts ?

  • Preventor of any kind of suppuration and promotes absorption
  • Absorbs Hemorrhage. Postpartum haemorrhage; Cerebral Haemorrhage with loss of consciousness & involuntary stool and urine;when the attack is acute .
  • Repeated use controls haemarrhage ,promotes absorption of extravassated blood.Same as in Traumatic meningitis,conjunctival,retinal haemorrhage.
  • Promotes absorption also in Hydrocephalus.

Actually Arnica patients….  

Remain long impressed,even after very little mechanical injury.

Very NERVOUS;with great fear of being touched or struck by person.

OVERSENSITIVE-everything feels to hard,always search a soft place

Pain unbearable; SORE,LAME,BRUISED FEELING ALL OVER THE BODY;as if beaten.

even patient who suffers in Rheumatism, cant walk erect due to bruised feeling around pelvic region.complains of traumatic affection of muscles.

Remember Arnica is as good as in….

Typhoid Fever:Fever with unconsciousness,rather with drowsiness;gives answer correctly & become unconscious again.Upper part of body remain hot ;mainly face and head,whereas other part cold.

Good Hair Tonic:prevent falling of hair&helps in hair developing.

Summer Boils:Small Very ,painful boils,which appears one after another.


Hoarseness of voice with soreness

When Complaints arised from bad liquors or charcoal vapors.


ARNICA pain is always better in motion than in rest.


It is complementary to Aconite, Hypericum, Rhustox.

Acts well after Aconite,Hamamelis,Apis,Veratrum.

But followed well by Sulphuric acid.

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