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This site is about everything about Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy serving the mankind from its birth in its own way, but it deserve more. This is actually the ultimatum of internal medicines.The adverse effects of large doses of so called "modern medicine" & its universal protocolised approach(copy&paste) of application, ignoring ones individual genetic approach put the mankind in more complicated Era of Diseases. The infectious diseases become more drug resistance, noncommunicable diseases(eg.- Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac complaints) become more complicated by application of large doses of bunch of medicines.
Yes, the time is coming to think about the actual modern concept of medicines having Nano-partilcles, having Molecular imprint, Ultra diluted version of drugs, considering the each individual's genetic approach in practical way. The Homoeopathy system of medicines have all of these, some are using, some are undiscovered, some are half-discovered. Result, inspite of its great contribution from centuries, the world shouted its hard core scientific explation.
This platform are formed to integrated the sectors.We provide you the informations of all previous & new reaserch works done in this sectors, all available books,study materials, Medicines informations, Concern Departments attached with this sector , Jobs newses,etc. in details.
But there are more for you. If you have lots of Evidenced based cases(just keeping them in your mobiles photo gallery or posted in social networks) post it here(in our Guest Post section), we will publish it in world wide with your identity,and ensure whole world can connect with your success. You have some INNOVATIVE CONCEPT of any drugs mechanism of action or any new rational thinking (seeking where to tell) just post it we represent it. Any articles are welcome from any part of world. To make it easy we provide a Whatsapp number also, in which you can send your writing with obviously your identity(Photo, mobile no., email id). Read , Think, Write, this system gives you lots.

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